Keeping Diabetes in Check. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month!

Diabetes damages and affects the blood vessels and nerves of the whole body, including the eyes and the limbs. People with diabetes are at risk of getting serious eye and foot problems due to poor blood flow, and/or nerve damage.

In addition to having your doctor evaluate your feet and limbs for blood flow, we generally recommend that you see your eye care professional at least once a year for a dilated eye exam, a test done by an eye care specialist in which the pupil (the black center) of the eye is temporarily enlarged with eye drops to allow the specialist to see the inside of the eye more easily. Having your regular doctor look at your eyes is not enough. Nor is having your eyeglass prescription tested by an optician, a health care professional who dispenses glasses and lenses.  Only optometrists and ophthalmologists can detect the signs of retinopathy. Stay ahead of your good health!

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