Weight Management in Northern New Jersey

Patient consults with a nutritionist about weight managementDepending on the risk, a medical professional may advise a person to lose weight. There are health risks associated with being overweight or obese. Patients at Bergen Medical Associates can take advantage of a comprehensive weight management program. Practitioners help patients determine an individualized care plan and provide medical supervision for safe weight loss and a healthier life going forward. Patients can find convenient locations across northern New Jersey.

What Is the Weight Management Program?

Bergen Medical Associates takes a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss. Weight management services represent coordination between various practitioners, including nutritionists, nurse practitioners, and medical doctors. The focus is on the specific health challenges of each patient, using detailed physical examinations and tests to inform treatment options.

Weight management services help patients make lifestyle changes to meet their health goals. And with state-of-the-art medical supervision, patients can rest assured that their physical, emotional, and mental wellness is the priority of the program.

The weight loss program offers patients excellent medical resources, with specialists from many fields offering input to their care plan. Using the latest technology for diagnostic tests and procedures, Bergen Medical Associates pursues a detailed examination of each patient’s physical state and health status. A team of health professionals works with patients to make recommendations based on individual health risks, needs, and goals.

The team uses many methods and tools for weight loss, so each patient receives the benefit of specific interventions and strategies chosen for their situation and lifestyle. The team proposes dietary intake, behavioral modifications, and physical activities tailored to each patient. Throughout the program and beyond, patients are supervised to ensure they meet weight loss goals and have better overall health.

How Does Weight Management Help Patients?

The goal of the comprehensive weight management program is to improve the health of patients. Weight loss can be a game changer when it comes to better health. Managing the symptoms of chronic diseases, maintaining mobility and function, and participating more fully in society are just a few of the positive outcomes.

Bergen Medical Associates promotes the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyles while working with each patient to diagnose and manage medical challenges. The care team provides medical information, consultation, and guidelines to help each patient safely reach their weight loss and health goals.

About Care at Bergen Medical Associates

Dedicated to delivering the highest level of patient care, Bergen Medical Associates offers resources for weight loss in northern New Jersey. Together with the Endocrinology and the Gastroenterology department, physicians from other medical specialties, and allied healthcare professionals, the comprehensive weight management program is centered on medical expertise. Since 1986, Bergen Medical Associates has been a leader in the regional medical community, adopting the latest technologies and diagnostic tools to help patients. Patients receive individual attention from experienced medical professionals who strive to deliver excellent care every day.

In addition to gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, primary care physicians, and nurse specialists, Bergen Medical Associates provides access to behaviorists, psychologists, exercise trainers, and other medical specialties to assist with weight loss goals. Working together to help improve the health and well-being of each patient is the priority. These teams also are dedicated to long-term maintenance to realize the many benefits of safe weight management.

Lose Weight With Help From Bergen Medical Associates

The physicians at Bergen Medical Associates are all board-certified. They are interested in the latest research and findings in their fields, as well as providing excellent patient care. They have built the comprehensive weight management program as a collaborative effort. Understanding that every patient has specific health and lifestyle challenges, as well as unique viewpoints and goals, the program starts with the individual.

Discover how to improve personal health and wellness. Examine the behaviors, attitudes, and medical conditions that may have interfered with weight loss in the past. Consult with a variety of compassionate medical professionals about health goals at our locations in northern New Jersey. Contact Bergen Medical Associates today.