Telehealth Visits in Northern New Jersey

Virtual communication uses internet technologies that allow people to interact in real time using video imaging. In healthcare, virtual patient visits with medical practitioners are called telehealth or telemedicine. This is a convenient way for patients to meet with their doctors and receive medical care without coming to the office. It is available to patients who have a smart device and access to the internet. Options for telehealth visits with physicians and other medical staff at Bergen Medical Associates further expand the convenience already offered to patients with six office locations in northern New Jersey.

What Is Telehealth?

Patient consults with doctor using smartphoneTelehealth is a system in which patients use smartphones, computers, tablets, or other devices to see and talk to their doctors. It enables long-distance healthcare that is still very personal and effective. Physicians can get an overall idea of how the patient is doing, ask them questions, and observe some symptoms. Patients can remain in the comfort of their homes and, in the case of contagious diseases, refrain from spreading an illness when traveling or visiting the medical office.

Physicians can also order prescriptions to be fulfilled at local drug stores, and medications often can be delivered right to the door. If the medical professionals at Bergen Medical Associates determine the patient needs to come in for testing or closer observation, arrangements can be made during the telehealth visit.

What Should I Expect During a Telehealth Visit?

Patients can expect to see and hear their doctor or medical professionals. They will converse with their provider, describing their symptoms or concerns and answering questions about their health, just as they do for in-person appointments. The practitioner will answer the patient’s questions, as well. The medical provider observes the patient via video imaging, enters information into their medical record, and prescribes treatments, and office staff can schedule future appointments.

What Do I Need for a Telehealth Visit?

You will need one of the following types of devices, along with an internet connection, to participate in a telehealth visit:

  • Smartphone, including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other brands
  • Tablet, including Apple iPad, Samsung, Lenovo, and other brands
  • Laptop or desktop computer with webcam and microphone

Telehealth visits with Bergen Medical Associates are confidential and are conducted using either Apple FaceTime,, or Webex.

How Can I Schedule a Telehealth Visit?

Call Bergen Medical Associates at 201-967-8221 to schedule a telehealth visit. If you have further questions at that time, please ask our staff and they can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth Visits

We’ve collected and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about telehealth visits:

Are You Accepting New Patients for Telehealth Visits?

YES. Call us today to set up your telehealth visit.

Does My Insurance Cover Telehealth Visits?

In most cases, insurance companies will cover telehealth visits. Contact your insurance company for verification.

Can Doctors Prescribe Medications During a Telehealth Visit?

YES. And your medications can be picked up or delivered per your usual arrangements.

What Kinds of Things Can Be Done in a Telehealth Visit?

You can review current conditions and symptoms, discuss new symptoms, and your physician can make some visual examinations via the video screen. Patients receive advice on the next steps, if necessary.

Telehealth Services at Bergen Medical Associates

All our practitioners and almost all of our specialties are scheduling telehealth visits, as well as in-person visits. Patients can make appointments with our board-certified physicians in the following departments:

Telehealth Services During Pandemics & Health Emergencies

As was seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult for sick or contagious patients to travel for in-person visits with their doctors. And when the medical community is following public health protocols, it can have the effect of limiting in-person appointments with their existing patient base. By scheduling telehealth visits, patients and their medical practitioners can safely exchange information and monitor markers for chronic conditions. New symptoms and ailments can also be discussed.

Up-to-date News and Guidance for COVID-19

We encourage our patients and other residents of northern New Jersey to get more information on the status of this serious virus and pandemic by visiting these links:

Schedule a Telehealth Visit With Bergen Medical Associates

There are many circumstances when it might be easier and more efficient to schedule a telehealth visit with your doctors and other medical practitioners. At Bergen Medical Associates, we’ve made it easy for patients in northern New Jersey to meet with our board-certified physicians virtually. For more information or to schedule a telehealth visit, contact us today.

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