Bergen Medical Associates sets the bar in internal medicine

Bergen Medical Associates’ internal medicine practitioners, delivering top-quality care while forging long-term patient relationships, are passionate about their field

Fulfilling a vital role in the long-term health of the people they serve, internal medicine practitioners diagnose and treat a broad range of health conditions and promote prevention and wellness among their patients. Taking pride in putting patients and their families first, Bergen Medical Associates, with six locations throughout Bergen County and a longtime specialty in internal medicine, is firmly committed to its patients’ well-being.

Read on to learn how members of Bergen Medical Associates’ renowned internal medicine team describe trends in internal medicine and what they like best about practicing in the field overall and at the practice.

Sue Flanzman, MDSusan Flanzman internal medicine

“Being a primary care doctor means being able to make a positive difference in the lives of my patients, and I approach each patient with an integrative and individualized approach to help them achieve optimal health,” Dr. Flanzman said. “I love the relationships that form over time and the opportunity to partner with my patients to help them realize their potential, educate them about health and disease, and support them through difficult times. I’m excited about new research on reversing mild cognitive impairment, the factors that influence longevity, and the importance of the gut microbiome on health and illness. As a practice, Bergen Medical Associates’ multiple specialties allow for the exchange of ideas and collaboration to provide the best possible medical care for our patients.”

Veena Desai, MDVeena Desai, MD Internal Medicine

“Internal medicine represents a first point of contact for medical issues and prevention. I enjoy getting to know patients and their families over a long period of time, providing health prevention, and treating and addressing all systems of the body,” said Dr. Desai, a family medicine practitioner who encourages such screening measures as Hemoglobin A1C for diabetes, the lipid panel for hyperlipidemia, and PSA levels for prostate cancer as well as mammograms, pap tests and colonoscopies. “I’m excited about recent advances in treating diseases such as cancer and COVID, and in preventative measures such as vaccines and screening tests. I enjoy working at Bergen Medical Associates because a multispecialty practice like ours ensures open, regular communication and collaboration between internal medicine and specialists in the best interests of our patients.”

Francis McGorty, MDFrancis McGorty MD Internal Medicine

“To me, internal medicine means working together with patients to maintain or improve their overall health and, by extension, enhance their quality of life. I get true satisfaction out of helping people feel better and I also enjoy getting to know my patients and their families,” Dr. McGorty said. “After nearly 30 years practicing medicine, I’ve come to know multiple generations of families as patients and it’s been truly rewarding for me. The annual wellness visit is so important because it’s the one time per year when I can sit down with patients and discuss the screening tests — colonoscopy, mammography, gynecologic exam and blood testing, to name a few — that are vital to continued good health. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside my colleagues at Bergen Medical Associates. Working together as a team of providers and staff, we achieve the greatest success in helping our patients.”

Allen Griggs, DOAllen Griggs Internal Medicine

For Dr. Griggs, internal medicine is an approach that takes mind and body into consideration and allows practitioners to both treat conditions as well as screen for and prevent illness. “I love establishing friendships with patients, knowing and taking care of many members and generations of families over a career, and ensuring that patients have the opportunity to talk and be heard and understood in our conversations,” he said. “Our colleagues all work well together and appreciate each other.”


Kedar Gokhale, MDKedar Gokhale MD Internal Medicine

“I enjoy addressing a wide spectrum of issues and getting to know and help patients and families over a long timeframe,” said Dr. Gokhale, who added that the conversations he has with patients during their annual wellness visits are among the most important screening tools of all. “Telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and the increasing incorporation of genetics into health care are some of the trends I find most exciting. I feel very comfortable with and confident in the expertise of my colleagues and the strength of our team.”

Sanchita Gupta, MDSanchita Gupta MD Internal Medicine

“Internal medicine is a tool to help the body, mind and soul, and I find the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with my patients extremely fulfilling,” Dr. Gupta said. “I enjoy treating the ‘whole person’ and not just one part; I’m very passionate about prevention, and internal medicine gives me an opportunity to intervene at an early stage and help prevent disease.” Dr. Gupta is encouraged by recent research and development in treating obesity and advocates for such screening tools as mammograms, colonoscopies and DEXA scans for bone health. “There’s a great deal of collaboration here and it’s easy to coordinate and provide care to patients if they require support in an area beyond my scope of practice.”

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