Bergen Medical Associates provides comprehensive care

Offering one-stop expertise in 12 different specialties, Bergen Medical Associates has been providing trusted care to the communities of North Jersey and Rockland County, N.Y., for more than three decades.

Bergen Medical Associates has been delivering premier primary and specialty medicine to the communities of North Jersey and Rockland County, N.Y., at its six offices throughout Bergen County for more than 30 years. Chief Medical Officer Robert Pittman, MD, provides an overview of the practice’s unique, multispecialty services and the broad patient benefits that its comprehensive team of board-certified providers and staff offer.

Dr. Pittman, MD CMO Bergen Medical Associates

Robert Pittman, MD, chief medical officer at Bergen Medical Associates

Founded in the early 1990s, Bergen Medical Associates has since grown significantly in breadth of service and scope, Dr. Pittman said. “Once a more singularly-focused practice, we’re now comprised of 40 health care practitioners within 12 different divisions, including our two largest — primary care/internal medicine and gastroenterology — as well as the specialties of allergy/immunology, urology, endocrinology, podiatry, gynecology, nutrition, hospital care, physiatry, rheumatology and sports medicine,” he said.

To provide patients health care in a personalized and effective manner, Bergen Medical Associates has developed a robust system of communication designed to streamline the patient’s journey, Dr. Pittman noted. “For example, while we have six locations, we’ve removed the walls between us by sharing a common computer system and electronic health records, which promotes clear communications and continuity,” he said.

Providers rotate through multiple sites to ensure consistent operations among the practice’s locations and participate in regular meetings and events to enhance group ownership of each patient’s care. “We’ve also created a Hospital Care team to ensure all-important oversight and continuum of care as patients transition from the hospital to a temporary rehab setting, nursing home/assisted living, and/or back home,” he said. “We place members of our team in all the venues where our patients may need care and tie everything back to their doctor’s office to ensure that we’re providing comprehensive care in a layered fashion.”

Understanding that different parts of the body are interconnected, Bergen Medical Associates takes a holistic approach to patients. “Our various subspecialties all continue to learn from each other in terms of how the various medical specialties are evolving and how the different bodily systems work together,” Dr. Pittman said. “Our specialties line up very well and there’s tremendous strength in a practice like ours.”

Bergen Medical Associates has regular meetings for the entire practice where patient cases are presented, and treatments are discussed as a larger group. Each division also has internal meetings to discuss new technologies, diagnostic tests, procedures, and equipment that is to be brought to the care of patients. “We interact regularly on a more informal basis as well,” the physician said. “For example, in gastroenterology, my own area of specialty, a new medicine was recently touted for its effectiveness in treating allergic inflammation of the esophagus and I was able to call on our practice’s allergy specialists to hear their experience with this approach and bring it to my patients.”

A Bergen Medical Associates allergist recently submitted two scientific abstracts on penicillin allergies for presentation at the allergy field’s large annual conference. “In addition, our practice is involved in several health programs and screening initiatives designed to ensure the provision of high-quality care to our local population,” Dr. Pittman said. To help address food insecurity, the practice is very involved with a local food bank, and recently launched a food collection initiative called “For Pete’s Sake” in honor of one of the practice’s doctors who passed away. “Helping to enhance the health of our community represents a link between nutrition and everything we stand for as physicians,” he said.

We take pride in providing outstanding medical care to patients in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging health care environment,” Dr. Pittman said. “We want patients to know that when they come to our office, they’ll always have their provider’s undivided attention and will receive the utmost in outstanding, personalized and professional care.”

Bergen Medical Associates, with offices in Emerson, Paramus (two), Ridgewood, Northvale and Montvale, offers primary care and 12 areas of specialized care. Patients have access to numerous medical services under one roof. The multispecialty group fosters an environment of collaboration among the physicians, which results in a seamless continuum of care for patients. For more information, contact us today or call 201-967-8221.

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