Summer Footwear Tips

Summer is upon us and many of us are wondering what kind of shoes are best for my feet? As we transition from our winter boots to our sandals, many of us will begin to experience heel pain. This pain is due to a condition known as, plantar fasciitis. Over the winter this ligament becomes tight and supported in our shoes. Once summer comes, many patients begin to wear sandals and flip flops with no support. This causes the ligament to stretch out and tug at our heel bone, causing pain and inflammation

To prevent plantar fasciitis this summer, it is important for you to stretch out your calves and feet daily. It is also important to wear supportive summer shoes. If you want to wear a flip flop, look for ones that have built in arch supports or a small rocker bottom.  A sandal with a small wedge or heel, 1-2″ will provide you with extra support and put less strain on the bottom of your foot.

Other dangers of summer

Other dangers of summer include fungus, warts, and foreign bodies. Many of us like to walk outside, at the beach, or at the pool barefoot. These are common places to contract a virus that causes warts. This virus is contracted by contact with the virus, usually through cuts and scrapes on the bottom of our feet. Warts are hard, painful lesions, most commonly found on the bottom of your feet. They are treated by shaving the lesion and applying an acid to kill the wart at its blood supply. Some people even need a procedure to have the warts excised.

Fungus can also be found anywhere and everywhere. Fungus on the foot will commonly cause itching, scaling, and flaky skin on the feet. This is treated with an anti-fungal cream. Also, walking barefoot poses the threat of stepping on foreign bodies such as glass and splinters. If not removed and treated, these can cause pain and infections.

Don’t let the hazards of summer bring you down! Make sure to protect your feet today! If you have any questions, call Bergen Medical Associates at (201) 967-8221.

By Samantha Rosenzweig, DPM

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