DIY Pedicure for Summer

Pedicure season is upon us and it is time to let your toes show! Nail salons pose many risks to even the healthiest of patients. They are a common place to catch fungal infections of both the nails and feet. Ingrown toenails, cuts, and infections are other common occurrences. If you are going to get a pedicure at a salon, do it in the safest way possible. Look for a salon who has disposable foot basin covers, so that you have a cleaner environment. Also, check to ensure that they are properly sterilizing their instruments or even bring your own. Lastly, don’t let them use sharp instruments on you, because this will put you at risk for cuts and infections.

Why spend the money for a pedicure if you could do it yourself at home?

When soaking and applying lotion to your feet, be sure to dry well between your toes. Dark, moist places between our toes are good places for bacteria and fungus to live. Also, be sure to cut your toenails straight across. Digging into or rounding your corners can cause ingrown nails. Never use sharp instruments on yourself. For corns and calluses come to our office today and have them shaved by a professional! Also, leave those cuticles where they are. The cuticles are meant to act as a protective barrier for the nail. Emery boards and nail files are safe to smooth rough edges on both your nails and skin. When it comes to polishing your nails, they even have anti-fungal nail polish!

How do I know if you have fungus?

Nail fungus is a difficult condition to treat. The nail will typically appear thick, discolored, and disfigured. Nail fungus can be treated with either topical or oral medication. Before beginning treatment, we take a nail culture to confirm that it is indeed fungus. Fungus of the feet can also be treated with a cream. The feet will typically appear scaly and feel itchy. If the symptoms do not improve with the cream, a biopsy can also be used to confirm this diagnosis.

If you are concerned about fungus of your feet, call Bergen Medical Associates at (201) 967-8221.

By Samantha Rosenzweig, DPM

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