Our Office Have Reopened

Bergen Medical Associates has taken the necessary steps to start a gradual reopening of our offices. All precautions meet the highest safety standards to ensure that when you return to us for in-person care, you know that your experience will be safe.

Over the past couple of months, you may have put off seeking care from your primary care doctor or specialist. Now is the time to call your doctor’s office to seek the care you need.

Some of our locations will offer extended hours, recognizing that many patients have had to cancel or postpone their appointments recently. Bergen Medical Associates and our providers will continue to offer you Telehealth visits for greater convenience and flexibility for those patients who prefer this option. We are however, prepared for you to have an in-person visit. We will have online check-ins, adhere to social distancing guidelines, and follow newly established protocols to ensure your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reopening Offices

Which offices have reopened?

Our Emerson, Paramus, Ridgewood and Montvale offices are currently open.

How will the offices be set up to ensure safety to the patients?

All offices have been reconfigured to meet social distancing guidelines and ensure patients can remain at least six feet apart from each other.

Will there be additional cleaning done?

YES. There will be enhanced and more frequent cleaning procedures to completely sanitize and disinfect all areas of the office including waiting rooms, nurse’s station, exam and consulting rooms, labs and check out.

How can I know if the staff is healthy?

Staff screening will be done every day upon arrival to the office.

How will you ensure crowd control in the waiting rooms?

Scheduled appointments will be staggered to limit patient arrivals and departures. In addition, we will ask our patients to come to their appointments unaccompanied whenever possible.

Will there be any special requests that patients need to adhere to?

We will ask all patients to wear a mask or appropriate cloth face covering.

Will I be in the waiting room with sick patients?

All patients will be pre-screened for virus symptoms. In addition, we now have an offsite Respiratory Care Center at the PVH Campus to attend to those patients with respiratory symptoms.

Can I still have a Telehealth visit via video or telephone if I’m not yet ready to come back into the office?

YES. We will continue to provide Telehealth visits as an ongoing service and part of our practice.

How should I make an appointment either for an in office visit or a Telehealth visit?

Please call 201-967-8221 to make an appointment.

to schedule an
or Telehealth Visit

Anytime between
9am and 5pm EST
is preferred.